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Air Permeability Testing / Air Tightness Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Air Tightness Testing

When do I need to arrange my air test?

Testing should take place in the final stages of construction, ideally when the build is complete. We generally require 10 working days notice to book in an Air Test however we will always do our best to fit in urgent tests if required.

Is my build ready for an air test?

You need to ensure the building envelope is complete. All glazing, external doors and cladding should be complete. Light fixtures and sockets must be fitted, any penetration through the external walls and ceiling, i.e SVP and waste pipes, should be sealed.

Do I need to seal anything prior to the test?

All features which are designed for ventilation purposes should be closed or sealed, these include: extract vents, extract fans, window trickle vents, air conditioning ducts, and chimneys. All toilets, basins, and other wet drain areas must contain water to ensure a seal is made between the internal building space and sewerage system.

How long does a typical domestic Air Test take?

We are typically onsite for approximately one hour for a single test (dependent on size of the property).

If we fail to reach our target can you advise us on the required remedial works?

Yes, we will always provide advice to help you achieve your target and can provide further assistance to identify where remedial work need to be undertaken

Still have more questions?

The give us a call on 01279 873354, our team of consultants have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help.