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Home Quality Mark Assessments

Home Quality Mark Assessments
(HQM Assessments)

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Home Quality Mark

What is the Home Quality Mark (HQM)?

To fill the void left by the Code for Sustainable Homes, the BRE is introducing the Home Quality Mark; a voluntary scheme which puts the end user at the heart of the assessment.
The Home Quality Mark will enable housing developers to showcase the quality of their new homes, and identify them as having the added benefits of being likely to need less maintenance, cheaper to run, better located, and more able to cope with the demands of a changing climate.
Issues considered under the new domestic assessment scheme include; building quality, running costs and the local environment.

Key Sections

The Home Quality Mark will be split into three key sections:

Knowledge Sharing

Rewarding processes and solutions reducing the gap between designer, contractor, client and householder.
Communication between design team members 
 Skills and training of site operatives
 Monitoring of energy and water usage on site
 Providing information to the householder
 Monitoring and control systems for the home
 Detection systems for the home

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Our Surroundings

Rewarding homes that are built to work with their surroundings now and in the future, considering climate change and population growth.

 Awareness of land condition including contamination, flood risk, security, privacy and nuisance issues
Design and character of the building 
 Dwelling footprint and external space
 Access to internet and key utilities
 Public transport, cycling and parking facilities
 Information on operating your home
 Support services from the developer post occupation
 Resilience to flooding
 Safety and security
 Recreation space
 Maintaining and enhancing ecological value

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My Home

Rewarding homes that provide spaces that are healthy to live in at a fair price. This section offers flexibility between credits to enable the scheme to work across locations, building types, tenures and housing density.

Ventilation and air quality
Natural and artificial lighting
Noise within and between homes
Cost efficiency of the home
 Energy and carbon dioxide
 Renewable energy
Avoiding the risk of overheating
Sustainable and environmental friendly materials
Durability and resilience of design and materials
 Water efficiency
 Space and accessibility

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Why Choose the Home Quality Mark for your project?

There are many benefits to having the Home Quality Mark for your homes, including:
  • Showcase the quality and sustainability of the new home
  • Standout from your competitors
  • Give the buyer confidence to invest
  • Potential insurance and mortgage interest rate incentives for homebuyers
  • Comply with planning conditions in the new Building Regulations

Home Quality Mark - How can SES help you?

SES will be providing a range of Home Quality Mark services from initial advice to full assessment, suited to the individual requirements of each individual project.

SES are qualified to undertake Home Quality Mark assessments, the BRE’s latest sustainability standard for domestic buildings.

To speak to one of our assessors please call us on 01279 873380

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