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Better designed and better built homes can last many generations.

This section rewards homes that are built to ensure they provide spaces that are healthy to live in but also don't cost the earth.

"My Home" sets specific performance outcomes for your home whilst allowing a degree of flexibility in the means of determining this. Wherever possible commonly used assessment methodologies will be used based on simple calculations to avoid additional costs. These will include the use of an extended Building Regulations calculation, Passivhaus certification and more detailed dynamic performance modelling as appropriate to calculate a number of performance characteristics relating to energy, comfort and overheating.

This will be achieved through rewarding a home that provides:
  • Adequate air quality and controllable ventilation as appropriate to the season without compromising the cost of heating 
  • Access to light and easily controllable artificial light where needed 
  • Layout and construction that minimizes noise from the surrounding area 
  • Reduced energy usage, pollution and CO2 output and controls which optimize efficiency of home 
  • Cost effective and appropriate renewable energy sources 
  • Insulation and minimising the risk of overheating
  • Specification of durable products and materials with low environmental impact, sustainably sourced with full consideration of the life cycle costs. 
  • Resilience to environmental damage, flood and wear and tear
  • Efficient use of water, recycling where appropriate and monitors for leaks 
  • Accessible living and storage space which is adaptable to meet owners changing needs

SES are qualified to undertake Home Quality Mark assessments, the BRE’s latest sustainability standard for domestic buildings.

To speak to one of our assessors please call us on 01279 873354

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