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Unlike anything else we buy or rent, our homes are not moveable. They are intrinsically related to, and influenced by, their surroundings.

This section, promotes homes built to work with their surroundings and that their surrounds may be like with changing population and climate to maximise benefits and minimise impacts now and into the future.

This will be achieved through rewarding:
  • A survey of land condition (contamination, flood risk, security, privacy, nuisance), water, electrical, drainage and sewage infrastructure and landscape and ecological value 
  • Engaging with community and local bodies 
  • Creation of homes which fit in with local character and near to public spaces 
  • Maximising external space for occupants without compromising on internal space 
  • Providing access to digital infrastructure, allowing for home-working
  • Access to public transport and cycle and car parking provision
  • Ensuring resilience of home and neighbourhood to flooding
  • Designs which take account of the relationship of home to street and public realm, ensuring that these areas are secure, overlooked, well lit and design-out hiding places and unused space
  • Protection and maintenance of natural features during construction works and inperpetuity
  • Appointment of experts to determine existing site value, opportunities for enhancement of site and local area where appropriate

SES are qualified to undertake Home Quality Mark assessments, the BRE’s latest sustainability standard for domestic buildings.

To speak to one of our assessors please call us on 01279 873354

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