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Sound Insulation Testing - Technical Information

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*SES is UKAS Accredited for Sound Insulation Testing

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Sound Insulation Testing - Technical Information    

When undertaking Sound Insulation Testing between houses, the separating element under test is the party wall, and is tested for airborne sound. Testing is carried out between habitable rooms on either side of the party wall, usually from a Bedroom to Bedroom, and Kitchen/Lounge to Kitchen/Lounge. This constitutes 2No tests.

In the instance of testing apartments, the separating elements are the party walls and party floors. Therefore to complete testing in apartments, 6 individual tests are required. As with the houses, the party walls of the apartments are tested for airborne sound, again preferably from Bedroom to Bedroom, and Kitchen/Lounge to Kitchen/Lounge. The additional tests are airborne and impact testing through the separating party floor. Once again these are preferably from Bedroom to Bedroom, and Kitchen/Lounge to Kitchen/Lounge.


Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2000 states:

"Building Control bodies should stipulate at least one set of tests for every 10 dwelling-houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes in a group or sub-group".

The advice in Approved Document E is that testing should be carried out by a test body with appropriate accreditation. SES Ltd has accreditation from UKAS for Sound Insulation Testing, and all of our Noise Consultants are members or affiliated with the Institute of Acoustics.

What are the testing requirements?

  • External noise should be controlled e.g. no heavy plant, disc cutters etc operating in the vicinity
  • No work within in the block where testing is to be carried out; e.g. carpentry, carpet fitting etc.
  • Units to be complete, with:
    • Windows Fitted
    • Doors Fitted
    • Trickle Vents Fitted
    • 240v Electrical Supply
    • Units Empty of Rubbish or Materials
  • Floor - Carpets or floor finishes should NOT be fitted if the floor construction is a Type 2, as defined in Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2000. A Type 2 floor incorporates a resilient layer within the construction.

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