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Acoustic Testing

posted 2 Jan 2014, 07:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Jan 2014, 07:38 ]
Acoustic testing, also referred to as sound testing, is the measurement of how much sound is stopped by separating walls or floors between dwellings and rooms such as classrooms, hotel rooms, student residences and offices. By making a controlled noise on one side of the separating wall or floor and measuring how much sound is being received on the other side, we can tell how much sound is stopped by the structure.

In England and Wales, Approved Document E of the Building Regulations requires new buildings and conversions to demonstrate reasonable levels of airborne and impact sound insulation performance between separating walls and floors.

Acoustic testing is often the preferred method as it allows greater flexibility in design details which may be less limiting, more cost-effective and/or achieve improved sound insulation performance.

Sound testing can be done as soon as a number of plots are completed past second fix stage. All internal doors need to be hung and all windows fitted and closable. It is important that carpets are not laid for tests that need to take place through the floor.

SES is UKAS accredited to undertake Sound Insulation Testing and can provide free testing programmes tailored specifically to your project/development at 
proposal stage.

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