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Air Tightness Testing & Sound Testing - Stansted Environmental Services

posted 9 Jan 2014, 06:20 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Jan 2014, 08:51 ]
Stansted Environmental Services (SES) offer an environmental consultancy service to a wide range of clients. Services include; Air Tightness Testing & Sound Insulation Testing.

Air Tightness Testing (also known as Air Pressure Testing & Air Leakage Testing)
Under Part L1A of the Building Regulations, Air Testing is a mandatory requirement for all newly built homes.

SES carry out Air Tightness testing in accordance with the procedures detailed in ATTMA TS1 and BS EN:13829 (2001).

In order to pass the Air Pressure Test, the Air Permeability must be less than or equivalent to the Design Air Permeability. Before a test, the following should be considered:
  • An air tight barrier should be formed by each of the surfaces in the room, including the walls, ceilings and floor. The property must be fully decorated and ready to move into at the point of the testing.
  • We advise clients to ensure a skilled site worker is on site at the time of the test so any remedial work can be completed straight away if required to achieve a ‘pass’ result.
SES will guide you through the Air Testing process and ensure that with our expert advice, you achieve a ‘pass’ result and reduce leakage where necessary thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your buildings.

Sound Insulation Testing (also known as Acoustic Testing)
To comply with the Building Regulations Approved Document E there is a requirement for Sound Insulation testing to be undertaken by an UKAS (or similar) accredited company. In keeping with the regulations, we will conduct tests on party floors and walls which separate dwellings from one another and advise you on any required remedial action.

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