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SES can help you comply with Building Regulations

posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:16 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Oct 2014, 01:20 ]
The purpose of the Building Regulations is to ensure building work satisfies minimum constructional standards, energy conservation requirements and is accessible to all.

You need to ensure the work complies with the Building Regulations.

The Building Regulations exist to provide a safe, accessible and energy efficient built environment and it is in everyone's interest to ensure that buildings are constructed to these minimum standards.

SES can assist you in complying with Building Regulations. Services include:
Building Regulations

Air Tightness Testing –

The Building Regulations approved document Part L1A 2010 now specify that any new dwellings are built airtight. Part L of the building regulations concerns itself with conservation of fuel and power; setting down specific figures to use as guidance in most cases. Part of this is to do with the level of air permeability that the property has; something which can be reduced with the help of air tightness testing.

Every building will have small gaps within its structure to allow air in and out of the property, but this needs to be kept to a minimum in order to conserve heat energy. With the help of our blower door testing, we can ensure that these guidelines are adhered to and that the air tightness of the building is up to standard.

SAP Calculation –

Part L also stipulates regulations surrounding SAP calculations and carbon emissions targets to ensure that no property is exceeding the stipulated levels of energy use. These laws state that an energy performance certificate (EPC) must be produced and clearly display, and this is something that we can help with, again. By using SES for your SAP calculation you can ensure that your EPC is produced in the correct manner and to the required specifications.

Sound Insulation Testing –

Noise control in buildings for residential use in England and Wales is regulated using Approved Document E. This Building Regulation now applies to any kind of building used as a dwelling, including houses and apartments; and rooms for residential purposes, such as students and nurses accommodation, nursing homes and hotels. It also applies to dwellings that have been created as a result of a conversion or material change of use. SES can carry out Sound Insulation testing to help you adhere to these regulations.

If you would like to a free quote for your Air Tightness Testing, SAP calculation or Sound Insulation Testing, then please contact us on 01279 873354 or email