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Contaminated Land - Desktop Study

posted 17 Jan 2014, 08:35 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Jan 2014, 03:07 ]
Stansted Environmental Services specialise in providing commercial solutions for contaminated land conditions for residential and commercial developments.

Contaminated Land investigations are typically carried out in a phased approach. 

Where land contamination is suspected, the minimum requirement must be a “Phase 1 Study” (desktop study, site walkover and initial risk assessment, carried out by a competent and appropriately qualified person). 

Phase 1 land contamination reports: To support Planning applications
SES provides Phase 1 contaminated land desk studies primarily to meet the needs of the planning conditions issued by a local authority. A Phase 1 desk study is often requested by the authority’s contaminated land officer during the planning application stage as in their opinion there is a potential risk to human health.Our phase 1 desk study has been designed to provide the best value approach to meeting and satisfying planning conditions and ensuring that you or your clients are not at risk.

Phase 1 land contamination reports: reports prior to land and property purchase
When purchasing property and land either privately or commercially there is a risk that any site that has had prior development may have land quality legacy issues. By commissioning SES to undertake a Phase 1 land quality desk study any issues that might exist and a purchaser could become liable for can be understood. In a worse case scenario, a buyer make take on the responsibilities for land remediation where contamination exists. Remediation costs could potentially be greater than the purchase price.

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