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Duties of a CDM Co-ordinator

posted 12 Dec 2013, 01:40 by Unknown user   [ updated 12 Dec 2013, 01:42 ]
The main duties of CDM Co-ordinators are to advise and assist the client in meeting their duties as a client under the Regulations, in particular the duty to:
  • appoint competent designers and contractors
  • make sure adequate arrangements are in place for managing the project
  • notify HSE about the project
  • co-ordinate design work, planning and other preparation for construction, where relevant to health and safety
  • identify and collect the pre-construction information and advise the client if surveys need to be commissioned to fill significant gaps
  • provide promptly – and in a convenient form – to those involved with the design of the structure, and to every contractor (including the principal contractor) who may be or has been appointed by the client, such parts of the pre-construction information as are relevant
  • manage the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors
  • advise the client on the suitability of the initial construction phase plan and the arrangements made to ensure welfare facilities are on site from the start
  • produce or update a relevant user-friendly health and safety file suitable for use at the end of the construction phase
    CDM Co-Ordinator
When you should you appoint a CDM Co-ordinator?

The CDM Co-ordinator should be appointed as early as possible, and before initial design work or other preparations for construction work have been completed. ‘Initial design work’ includes feasibility studies to enable them to decide whether or not to proceed with the project, and any work necessary to identify the client’s requirements or possible constraints on the development. The CDM Co-ordinators must be appointed early in the project because the role is crucial for the effective planning and establishment of health and safety management arrangements from the start. The CDM Co-ordinators must be appointed before detailed design work begins.

SES offers a vast and experienced knowledge base though our team of qualified consultants who can provide practical and bespoke solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our clients whilst always maintaining best practice. 

Our Consultants are registered CDM Co-ordinators with the Association for Project Safety (APS), and can help you with compliance of the CDM Regulations 2007 requirements.

If you would like further information on the CDM Co-ordinator services we provide or would like a quotation for the provision of CDM Co-ordinator services pleasecall us on 01279 873380, email us at or fill out our enquiry form.

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