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First Aid saves lives

posted 26 Nov 2013, 03:39 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 Jan 2014, 00:32 ]
First Aid saves lives, its for everyone, everywhere

Your baby's life......
The life of someone you've never met.......

A co-worker......

First Aid all stages of life

Millions of people are hurt or killed by injuries every year due to inadequate response or lack of timely assistance. Taking immediate action and applying the appropriate techniques, while waiting for professional help, can considerably reduce deaths and injuries, and the impact of disasters and everyday emergencies.

First aid is a humanitarian action that should be accessible to all. It is essential to introduce first aid training to every person at all stages of their life -- at home, in school, at the workplace. Stansted Environmental Services want to help. We offer regular scheduled First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses and are also able to offer Pediatric First Aid courses. To speak to a member of our team please call 01279 873380 or email