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How many First Aiders do I require?

posted 24 Mar 2014, 07:06 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Mar 2014, 07:11 ]
How many First Aiders do you require in your workplace?

To assess the needs of first aid in your workplace, consider the following:-
First Aiders
  • What is the nature of the work undertaken?
  • What are hazards are present? – e.g. chemicals, machinery, processes etc
  • How many members of staff do you have? And, what is their level of experience?
  • Where is your workplace located, is there a Hospital next door?
  • Is there shift work , late night working or lone working?
  • What is the previous accident record in your workplace?
The minimum provision of first aid in any workplace is an appointed person, a suitably stocked first aid box and information for employees about first-aid arrangements. The amount of First Aiders required is dependent on the level of risk for example in small, low-risk work environments such as offices and shops you may only need the minimum provision. However, for larger or higher risk work environments you will need to provide suitably trained first-aiders.

What is an appointed person?
An ‘Appointed Person’ is someone that is chosen to take charge in the event of an accident or if someone falls. They also have the duty of ensuring that the first aid box is fully stocked. Appointed persons should NOT attempt to give first aid for which they have not been trained.

What is a first-aider?
A first-aider is someone who has successfully undergone a training course in administering first-aid at work and holds a valid certificate. SES run regular First Aid Courses, depending on your requirements we offer the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course & the 3-day First Aid at Work course.

We have provided a table below to give you some guidance of how many trained First Aiders you require:

 Category of Risk
 Numbers employed at any location
 Suggested number of first-aid personnel
Lower Risk

e.g. shops and offices, libraries

Fewer than 50

50 - 100

More than 100

At least one appointed person

At least one first aider

One additional first-aider for every 100 employed

Medium risk

e.g. light engineering and assembly

work, food processing, warehousing

Fewer than 20

20 - 100

More than 100

At least one appointed person

At least one first-aider for every 50 employed

One additional first-aider for every 100 employed

Higher risk

e.g. most construction, slaughterhouses

chemical manufacture, extensive work with

dangerous machinery or sharp instruments

Fewer than 5

5 - 50

More than 50

At least one appointed person

At least one first-aider

One additional first-aider for every 50 employed

SES run regular open courses from our training centres in Takeley, Essex and Colchester, Essex however our instructor can come to your premises to run on-site training. We can also offer bespoke courses to suit your requirements.

If you would like to discuss your training requirements or would like us to visit your premises for a risk assessment please call 01279 873354 or email