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The Future of Code for Sustainable Homes

posted 15 Jun 2015, 02:25 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 Jun 2015, 03:35 ]

- Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is Code for Sustainable Homes now obsolete?

A – No. From 27 March 2015 Local Authorities can no longer set new planning conditions requiring Code for Sustainable Homes. If however, outline planning permission was granted prior to 27 March 2015 Code should be continued

Q – Can Housing Associations still stipulate Code for Sustainable Homes?

A – Yes, for affordable housing funded through the National Affordable Housing Programme 2015 – 2018 (or earlier).

Q – The Local Authority do not appear to have understood or acted on the changes yet, how will they be implemented?

A – The planning Written Ministerial Statement gives guidance for Central Government to Local Authorities. It is up to the Local Authority to implement it. Developers can appeal against extant planning conditions or apply under the Planning Act to have them removed if a Code condition has been set after 27 March 2015.

Q – Have Code for Sustainable Homes registrations closed?

A – No, registrations continue. Legacy sites may still be building to Code for some years to come, therefore registrations will remain open in the normal way.

Q – Will all issues currently under Code be included in the new Building Regulations?

A – No, only elements of security, water & access will be included with water & access having optional tiered requirements to be set by the Planning Authority.

Q – Is there now a level playing field regarding energy/CO2 requirements from Local Authorities?

A – No, Local Authorities can stipulate CO2 reductions up to Code Level 4 (19% reduction over ADL1A2013 requirements) until 2016. 

Q – What standard, if any, is replacing Code? 

A – The BRE are developing the HQM (Home Quality Mark) as a voluntary standard to enable developers to promote their product to consumers. A number of major developers & Housing Associations have already signed up to HQM & it is being widely marketed with online property search websites. Discounts are also available on mortgages & home insurance for HQM properties. The HQM is due to be operational from October 2015 & will work in much the same way as Code for Sustainable Homes, with projects being registered with the BRE & assessed at Design & Post construction stages. The BRE are offering fee reductions for Housing Associations & Developers with multiple sites.