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Why is First Aid Training valuable?

posted 21 Mar 2014, 08:57 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Mar 2014, 09:46 ]
Why is being First trained so valuable?

Figures show that there are thousands of people that die each year, these situations could have all had a different outcome with First Aid. These figures include nearly 900 people who choke to death, 2,500 who asphyxiate from a blocked airway and 29,000 who die from heart attacks*.

First aid could make a dramatic difference in these situations, either through direct intervention, in the case of choking, or by recognising life-threatening signs, such as a heart attack, and caring for someone until medical help arrives.

ICM Research conducted a survey to 2045 adults aged 18+, the responses were startling;
  • Nearly two-thirds of people (59%) wouldn’t feel confident enough to try to save a life
  • A quarter (24%) would do nothing and wait for an ambulance to arrive or hope that a passer-by knows first aid.
Taking immediate action and applying the appropriate techniques, while waiting for professional help, can considerably reduce deaths and injuries, and the impact of disasters and everyday emergencies. First aid is not a replacement for the emergency services, however, it is a vital initial step for providing effective and swift action that helps to reduce serious injuries and improve the chances of survival.

Saving lives is a mindset. It's knowing how to do what you need to do and not being afraid to act. With the exception of using an Epi-Pen, none of the skills require special tools, just your brain, your hands and your quick action.

Make the difference today

SES run three different levels of First Aid Courses these include:

First Aid at Work
Emergency First Aid at Work
Paediatric First Aid

We also offer bespoke courses for specific groups - such as school groups, people with disabilities or sports teams – that focus on their particular needs.

SES run regular courses from our training centres in Colchester and Takeley, Essex, we can also come to your premises to run on-site training if required.

To book a place on one of courses please call 01279 873354 or email

* Using death registration data from the Office of National Statistics, 2008